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Monday, July 06, 2009

my version. . .

. . .so the incredibly talented Candice Stringham wrote an article in CKMag about taking patriotic pics this 4th - in front of a flag. . .we happen to have an old large flag lying around (well ok, folded up and respected). . .now, I am CLEARLY no photog - even though I would love to be and think i have a good eye - i just can't translate that eye to a picture. . .or something like that. . .the also incredibly talented cathy zielske did a shoot - and again, i bow down before her fantastic-ness. . .

but my family cooperated (some grudgingly), and i have some cute shots.

the big kid:

the little kid:

the reluctant dad:

the mom:

thanks for looking - hope you had a great 4th!
catch you soon -

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