Hillary Chybinski: if a tree falls. . .

Monday, July 20, 2009

if a tree falls. . .

. . . so last thursday, we had a slight monsoon here. . .not too much thunder and lightning, but it rained so hard so fast, that there was an inch of rain on top of the grass after it slowed. . .and during that rain, our wonderful shady backyard tree, split in half and crashed down into our yard.

luckily no one or no thing got hurt in the process. . .by god's grace, it missed the house and the boy's beloved backyard toys.

so there it sat - for 3 days. . .the leaves slowing drying up, the broken trunk sticking up into the air. . .and today, the "tree guy" is here to remove it.

it's a loss - a loss of shade and almost like an "old friend". . .

catch you soon -

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