Hillary Chybinski: december daily. . .day 13

Saturday, December 13, 2008

december daily. . .day 13

. . .the kids are helping me decorate the trees this morning while john heads into the office for a bit. . .the trees have been up and lighted for a week. . .today we added the decorations. . .

in one of my boxes, ryan came across these. . .in my family we called them "corkies" although i have no idea why. . .so i went on to tell ryan about my grandmom's ceramics obsession and her orange tub of paints and supplies. . .and how we used to paint together sometimes - me and grandmom and sometimes my mom too. . .i'm not sure how interested he was in my stories. . .but it really brought back a wash of memories for me. . .in a surprising flood of tears. . .it's been a long time since i've cried over missing my grandmother. . .

so to finish my corkie story. . .after painting probably 100 of these, they were hung on a silver aluminum tree (with a rotating color wheel light) in my grandparents' dining room. . .

we put up a bunch of decorations here. . .but not with the reckless abandon that my grandparents did. . .i wish my own children could have had the chance to enjoy it.

catch you soon -

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  1. rotating aluminum tree huh? now i bet you wish that baby was still around!!!