Hillary Chybinski: coming up for air. . .

Monday, October 27, 2008

coming up for air. . .

. . .do you ever have time like that? where suddenly you feel as if you are coming up for air. . .things have a been a little hectic here with me returning to work outside the home. . .

add the halloween holiday and the unknown is it hot is it cold weather. . .and things seem to be taking longer and i feel less prepared. . .not a good combination for me. . .but i'm dealing.

so anyway, i feel a little bit like i got a few more things under control and maybe an coming up for air. . .we'll see how today goes. . .what are you making for dinner tonight??

catch you soon -

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  1. After a weekend of restaurants and junky Fair food, I just stopped at the market to buy a bag of soup vegetables for tonight. Adding tomato juice, diced tomatoes, and a little pasta. It could take me all day just to put this place back in order after our busy weekend so I know what you mean about coming up for air!