Hillary Chybinski: revisiting. . .simplifying

Monday, August 18, 2008

revisiting. . .simplifying

. . .as i read Ali's blog this morning, i was reminded of my word for the year. . .


i haven't abandoned it or forgotten it. . .in fact, if i think hard, i've done alot to move towards a more simplified life. . .

we've cleared out more clutter - i strive to have a donation bag every time purple heart comes to our street for pick-ups

i've simplified some our routines - menu planning, school paper organization, errands

of course. . .there is plenty of room for growth here. . . i rely a lont on Aby and her wonderful advice on gaining the upper hand on organization - which in my mind simplifies things. i rely on cathy and stacey to help me simplify my scrapbooking. . .

so, i'm getting there. . .it's a journey, not a destination. . .right??

catch you soon -

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