Hillary Chybinski: new tricks and a reorg. . .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

new tricks and a reorg. . .

. . .owen has some new tricks - mostly they involve a lot of big movements - like climbing. he's added a host of new words and brief sentences. . .

over there
right here

he can get colors right sometimes and count (sort of). . . he amazed the ladies lunching next to us at Legal Seafood on Saturday. . .despite the s-l-o-w service, he was well-behaved and acting cute.

with all this new-found time on my hands, i find myself at a loss for hours a day. . .today i filled that time with some reorganizing of my desk and scrap area. the biggest change is in the cabinet, which you cannot see in this picture. . .i find that i have a lot of projects to do. . .mini albums, LOs from events that need pictures and finishing, three shadow boxes. . .all that stuff is taking up space - making me feel bad for not getting it done. . .i tried to clear it out and was only mildly successful. perhaps i can get a few of them done in the next few weeks. stay tuned.

catch you soon -

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