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Friday, June 27, 2008

back in the groove. . .

. . .so life is slowly starting to get back to "normal" - or what passes for normal here. when we got back from the most awesome family vacation ever, we were without air conditioning. luckily here in PA we were experiencing a bit of a cool break - but don't misunderstand - sleeping was not fun.

but thanks to the wonderful men from dwyer, our house is once again cool as a cucumber and everyone is sleeping soundly.

i've been thinking about perspective lately. . . trying to get back to what's really important - ya know what i mean?? like when you have a crap-o day at work. . .it's a bummer, but when you die, no one says "she was a great accountant". . .unless you are in a service industry (teacher, police, etc.) you are pretty much remembered for what kind of person you were - a great mom, a wonderful friend, etc.

so we're going to try and settle into summer now - ryan is loving camp and owen starts childcare on fridays too, starting in july. i hope to use that day to recoup a little of my self and my household. . .a little organizing, a little crafting. . .a little guitar hero. . .

catch you soon -

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