Hillary Chybinski: too close for comfort. . .

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

too close for comfort. . .

. . .we had an incident of school violence here yesterday. our very own high school. a young boy (11th) grade, chose to come to school yesterday with an AK-47 and take his own life. thank God no other children or staff were hurt, at least physically. it makes me wonder what this boy's plan was - to do this at school, yet to take such care not to injure anyone else. it boggles my mind. and trying to explain it all to ryan has been difficult to say the least. we are encouraging him to talk to us if he has questions or concerns. we laid out the facts, and told him that the grown-ups at school are well-trained to keep him safe, and he should not worry.

You can read about the story at: www.6abc.com.

catch you soon -

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