Hillary Chybinski: is it too early. . .

Sunday, December 10, 2006

is it too early. . .

. . .for new year's resolutions?

sometime ago, i got hooked on that silly television show, 7th heaven. tonight's episode is amazing. reverend camden dies - or at least visits heaven, where he meets people whose lives he's touched, through his helping of others. in turn, they each give him a present for one of his children - something they need, such as a pupose in life, or loyalty, ot the ability to forget a small mistake in your past.

if you saw the episode, what did you think? pretty powerful stuff - and you who know me, know that religion is not high on my list - but i like to think that spirituality is. . .and this show moved me - spiritually. to be a better person - more patient, more forgiving, more tolerant.

none of those easy goals - but so worthwhile in a world where they are in such short supply. in a world where we should be grateful for every minute we have to spend here with those we love and cherish.

god bless for a wonderful holiday.

catch you soon -

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