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Saturday, December 30, 2006

after 6 years of parenting. . .

. . .we have made our first trip to the ER. . .Children's Hospital of Philadelphia no less. be assured - everyone is well - now.

owen had a sniffle and slight cough on Thursday. no biggie, probably a cold - right?? wrong!! took him to the pediatrician on Friday - just to be sure. while there, he had a coughing fit, seemed to have difficulty breathing and turned bluish around his mouth. wonderful and so very kind and sweet dr. kline advised that we take owen to the er - stat. apparently whooping cough(pertussis) is making a come back, and she was concerned.

excuse me?? whooping cough??? aren't children immunized against that these days?? where on earth does it come from??

CHOP is an amazing place, and after owen was cared for by many wonderful techs, nurses, residents and doctors, we discovered he has the flu. we spent a long time in the er in a really cute little purple gown (mom without her camera!) and then had to spend the night. now i am the first to admit that john and i could use some quality alone time, but crammed on tiny little couch in a patient room at CHOP is not what i had in mind.

everyone is home and recovering nicely - we all have a touch of it - big fun!

catch you soon -

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  1. well, even though it blows BIG time to sit in the ER, thank heavens all he has is the flu! it would really suck for whooping cough!

    the Nephew had a touch of the flu as well over Christmas...and of course, i have no immunity against 6YOs & their germs, so i now have some cruddy bug. goody!

    hope everyone is feeling better in your house & that the baby stays flu-free!