Hillary Chybinski: in the midst of week #6. . .

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

in the midst of week #6. . .

. . .so this is week #6 with owen in our house. he is begining to smile and coo and be a "cute baby" as oppossed to a "blob baby".

ryan is adjusting, and returning to just being a 6 year old boy with all the fun that goes along with that.

john is great with both boys, i wish he were home more often during the week - but that pesky work-thing gets in the way.

and i have lost 40 lbs. that sounds AMAZING to say out loud - i'm nback to my pre-baby weight. . .even though that was not my "ideal" or "goal" weight by any means.

catch you soon -

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  1. good for you! losing all that weight is oh so nice, but i still think it all came to live at my house, er...bum.