Hillary Chybinski: you said it Heidi. . .

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

you said it Heidi. . .

. . .swapp, that is.

as in Heidi Swapp. . .not that we're friends - we haven't met


anyway - Heidi talked about being tired on her blog today - and that is my theme for the last two months. i am slacking on everything. . .housework, involved parenting and wife-ing, friend-ing, scrapping. . .all of it - nothing done.

thank heaven for john - my rock. if he didn't go around picking up my slack, we'd be hanging out in a tumbleweed of cat fur. of course audrie's twicce a month visits to clean up after us helps too. thanks for the cleaning person advice carla!

now i know you kind people will say - it's the pregnancy. . .it's what happens.

you know what? it sucks! i hate being slacker girl (unless it comes with a cape - then it would be kinda cool)

saturday is national scrapbook day. . .but then, you knew that already didn't you? i'm heading to the qvc event with carla and kelly - this will be our third time. if i can stay awake, i hope it kick-starts my mojo. of course, stalking donna downey is always a good pick me up. . .although i did warn her in advance that i'd be there. . .didn't want to scare her too much. (if you see donna - ask her about Goldy)

catch you soon -


  1. I have all kinds of advice about people you can hire so that things get done and it would never appear you have slacked in the least!!!!

    We WILL be inspired at QVC -- as long as we don't get arrested for stalking....

  2. hey Hil
    I hope you feel more energetic soon, believe me, I feel like that sometimes, I look at the messy table of sb supplies, the dishes int the sink and the laudry that need to be folded and I sigh,, so much to do and I don't like cleaning, lol
    I hope you have fun seeing Donna, she is really a fanastic inspiration.