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Friday, March 17, 2006

pour me a draft. . .

. . .milk please.

happy st patrick's day.

we celebrated with a little dinner out at a neighborhood pizza place. we were all wearing green today.

ryan had to help me with a project today. i had to attend a branding rollout at my alma mater (I am currently the president of the alumni board). so they had this great celebration with pizza, mummers, the college mascot, etc. ryan went with me.

he was a star.

honestly - the master of ceremony sais ryan's name 3 times during his presentation. i was SO proud of him today. he was well-behaved, good-mannered, and light-hearted. no moods, no grumps, no running off.

bliss baby - sheer bliss.

catch you soon - bottoms up!

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  1. Aint it the best when they "do good"! They can drive you spare at home, in the car, even in your dreams, but behave in public, especially at an event and you will forgive them any prior indiscresions! Or out right wobblies!
    Cute little man you got there.
    I was lurkin about and I just ahd to say hello. I hate it when i see someones been sneaking apeak at my blog and left narry a word!..........
    Jules : )