Hillary Chybinski: a fall festival. . .

Sunday, October 16, 2005

a fall festival. . .

. . .what could be better than a fall festival? crisp air, festival food, rides, games, art and original designs for sale? i saw some amazing work today. these people are out there, doing what they love, putting it on display and enjoying their life. i saw some great handbags, some amazing photographs, and some stunning jewlry today.

i didn't buy anything - just enjoyed my family and walking around. ryan seemed to have had a great time - he made a cookie, played mini golf, rode a miniature train, and drank a lemon stick drink (some sort of lemon with lemonade and a lemon stick in it). some of his friends from school were there, always a good time to see neighborhood friends.

the weekends end too soon.

catch you soon -

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