Hillary Chybinski: did you have this game???

Sunday, October 09, 2005

did you have this game???

TIN Figural "Frantic Frogs" Wind-Up Game MIB 1965.
FRANTIC FROGS is an action skill game using tin wind-up frogs. Using a red "steering stick", which looks remarkably like a fishing pole, the player attempts to guide his frog into his "COOL COVE" while keeping other frogs from their coves. This game is #4505, & marked "© 1965 by Milton Bradley Co., under Berne & Universal Copyright Conventions. Made in U.S.A." The game comes with 4 different colored coded tin wind-up frogs, 4 "steering sticks", 4 red plastic fences, 4 color coded cardboard frog discs, 4 metal wind-up keys, & game board.

okay - this started this morning while I was getting ready and Ryan was downstairs playing Perfection. the timer reminded me of this game i used to play at my grandmothers' house. . .it had metal frogs that you wound up and they hopped. . .i called my aunt (yes, Didi, the same one that gave Ryan a scooter!) to see what she remembered. we compared notes. . .she called me back later in the day with more memories, and finally she remembered the name (she ROCKS!)

of course i googled it, and viola - Frantic Frogs. amazing what a sound can do to your memory.

catch you soon -

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