Hillary Chybinski: Styling Up Red Plaid This Season

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Styling Up Red Plaid This Season

It's time for another weekly fashion post. Welcome back to all the regulars, and if you're new, I hope you find some inspiration. Each week I share an outfit I'm wearing right now, along with some tips and tricks for adapting a similar look to your own style. Fashion and style don't have to be hard. . .all you need is an idea and a little inspiration.

Red Plaid Accessories and Clothing to Up Your Style Right Now

In case you missed it on Instagram, I am in a state of obsession with all things plaid right now. In particular . . .red plaid.

I got a couple of great pieces last year, but this year, they are calling to me. I have an awesome red and black plaid blanket scarf from Kate Spade that I literally can't put down. Suddenly it goes with everything I'm wearing. and is featured here in today's simple outfit:

Grey Sweater and Jeans Styled With Red Plaid Accessories
Jeans - Ann Taylor Modern Skinny Ankle | Sweater - Ann Taylor (NEW- total sale find) | Boots - Aerosoles |  Bag - Kate Spade | Scarf - Kate Spade | Tank - Aventura Clothing

The second piece was a red plaid shirt. Next week, I'm sharing my new favorite way to wear that. It would be nice to have a budget to have new clothes all the time, wouldn't it? But that's not my reality - if it's yours I'm terribly jealous!  Most of us have to make the most out of the pieces we already own. For me, that  means finding new ways to mix and match what I have, to create new outfits.

Red and Black Plaid Kate Spade Blanket Scarf

Great style isn't about having a lot of clothes . . .it's about knowing what looks good on you, feeling how good it looks on you, and making an outfit your own. When your budget allows, you replace an old favorite with an update or add a new piece, like those red plaid slip-on sneakers up there. How amazing would they look with jeans and a crewneck sweater?  Or add that headband and watch to black jeans and a white shirt, and give it a whole new look.

Are you wearing any plaid right now?

catch you soon -
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