Hillary Chybinski: Finding the Perfect Casual Pants for Summer

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finding the Perfect Casual Pants for Summer

Welcome back to another weekly fashion post. Each week I share at least one outfit I'm wearing right now along with tips, tricks and inspiration to help you make the most out of the clothes you already have.

This week I'm talking about alternatives to jeans and yoga pants for everyday wear. It's summer and denim is hot. I'm not much of a shorts fan, I can't seem to find the right length, in a comfortable pair of shorts, so the search is on-going.  Yoga pants? They seem so "fall and winter" (and spring too).

Cropped pants are a good alternative. I'm using "cropped" here very generally - I'm short! But there again, you have to be careful to keep it super casual for everyday wear. I have several pairs in bright colors, but they are more for lunches, dinners and shopping trips, not running around with the kids or working from home.

Solution time: in my amazing box of clothes from my Aventura Ambassadorship, I pulled out a pair of Keeva Capri pants.  I loved the way they felt even before I put them on. Not like regular pants, but a microfiber or something. Guess what? They are made from recycled polyester with a bit of spandex thrown in. RECYCLED PANTS??!

Keeva Capri Pants from Aventura are made from recycled polyester with a bit of spandex making them perfect for everyday wear

Shoes - Vionic (LOVE these)
Bracelets - Alex and Ani and Tiffany
Earrings - Kate Spade

These are super comfy. They have a drawstring at the leg that you can adjust to change up your look. . .did you see pictures of tied up pants with wedge heels on Pinterest like I did?? These would work.  Wanna know a secret? They make a skort too!! I'm in love with the sporty material and relaxed fit. I can wear these around the house when I'm working, and not have to change to run out for an errand or coffee date with a friend. Because seriously, getting dressed once a day is hard enough right? Who wants to have to do it multiple times?

Here's another outfit I had put together with these capris when it was still a bit cooler out:

Keeva Capri Pants from Aventura paired with an Ann Taylor striped T and denim jacket from Aventura

Pants - Keeva Capris from Aventura
T-Shirt - Ann Taylor (last fall)
Bag - Kate Spade
Shoes - Vionic
Necklace - Tiffany

There are a lot of choices out there these days with active lifestyle brands like Athleta and Aventura gaining in popularity, as well as brands like North Face and Patagonia upping their style game. In fact, as I strolled through Dick's Sporting Goods the other day, an adorable Colombia dress caught my eye. It was in the "golf" section, and I never would have even had the presence of mind to look for it if it hadn't been right there. So pay attention - comfortable, casual, STYLISH clothes are out there.

What are you wearing this week?

catch you soon -
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  1. Love the subtle stripes in the shirt with the bolder stripes in the bag