Hillary Chybinski: How to Start a Young Living Business

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How to Start a Young Living Business

" I work for a company called, Young Living and I help educate people on the possibility and benefits of creating a toxin-free home. "
Maybe it's not oils you seek so much as freedom. Can a Young Living business really bring you time and money freedom? The short answer is yes.
Building a Business with Young Living

Let's get a little perspective first . . . Young Living is NOT a pyramid scheme . . .did you know pyramid schemes are actually illegal, so if Young Living were one, they wouldn't be able to operate successfully for the last 24 years.  A typical American Corporation is based on a pyramid STRUCTURE, with one Big Boss, a few middle level managers and then the worker bees - much different than a pyramid scheme. Well Young Living is considered a Network Marketing Company. What the heck is Network Marketing, you may be asking yourself.

Well, Network Marketing is a business model employed by a company where their "marketing" and sales, are worked by individuals, who are paid on a commission basis. If you're familiar with Eric Worre, he explains in detail how a network marketing operation fits so perfectly into our new economy. 

But in day-to-day operations, Young Living is like any membership club . . .Sam's Club, Costco , etc. You join as a Member (the membership is one of four Premium Starter Kits), and then receive perks, discounts and freebies as a member. When you share Young Living with others, and they use your membership number as their referral code (who referred you? Aunt Suzy did!) you get a commission. Check out any affiliate program (BlueHost, Amazon, Thrive etc), it's the same idea but those companies have much lower payouts.It's as simple as click, sign-up and start sharing.

Oh - speaking about the income potential requires me to share this little beauty with you . . .the Income Disclosure Statement. Want to know another secret?? I have personally met and know people at ALL these levels. They are REAL people - just like you and me. No. Lie.

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement
It is easy? Uhm no . . .like any successful business, this one takes hard work. You have to move past fear, speak with people you don't know, build relationships, pick up a phone (GASP!) and check in with people, deal with leaders, and fight distraction, exhaustion and disappointment . . .sounds fun right?? Here's the secret sauce . . .you can do it. Not only CAN you do it . . .but you GET to do it in a supportive and nurturing community of people with like-minded goals. And don't forget that payoff we talked about earlier.

So how does one get started in this magical unicorn business? It's really pretty simple. You join as a member, by purchasing one of four Premium Starter Kits. And that's pretty much it. You get your kit and your member number, you use and fall in love with the products, and you share them (get your personal referral link right from your Virtual Office on the Young Living website). Your family and friends (sometimes complete strangers) use your membership number to sign up for their own membership. Rinse and repeat.

5 Steps to Get Started on Your Young Living Business

As with any business, there are education groups, training courses, websites and books. When you get hooked up with a strong leader, she (or he) will plug you into all of these things and help you grow your business along side theirs. You don't need to purchase another thing to get started.

If you want to know more about the toxin-free lifestyle, read my Day in the Life post.

If you have excuses, this may help: Top 5 Excuses Why You Aren't Using Essential Oils

Looking for how to get started? Check out my own Oily Life Story.

Don't be afraid - everything you're looking for is right our there, just waiting for you. Come on, let's do it together!

The Business Side of Young Living

catch you soon - 

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