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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Look ma. . .

. . .something I made!

okay - my friend Carla and I went to CKC-PA with two other friends. the thing about Carla and me, is that we don't actually complete anything. we get together. . .crop. . .drink wine. . .and talk about all the really cool things we "should" do. so when Kim, from Scrapbooks and Stickers in Ft. Myers, FL told us about her altered clipboard kits. . .it seemd like something we "should" do.

so right after the workshop, we scurried down to her booth, circled it twice, waited in line for 10 minutes to ask her charming husband where the kits were. He showed us the box they were in and we started digging. there were several designs and we each chose one, thinking that we could complete them at the crop that night. then we got back in the long line (Kim had GREAT stuff!) and bought the kits.

wonder of wonders, that night, we finished the clipboards! and as an extra bonus I nagged my darling husband to help me take a picture and download it to post. wow - I am proud of myself!

catch you soon -

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