Hillary Chybinski: What is Your Sunny Day?

Friday, August 07, 2015

What is Your Sunny Day?

Start saving for all your sunny days to come. #mysunnyday

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We've all heard the phrase, "saving for a rainy day." But what about all the sunny days that our lives are filled with? If you're like me, you probably didn't start thinking about your financial future until your college graduation. Suddenly for many of us, life becomes all about money. How much do we need? How much can we make?

So we start our sunny days with our first "real" job and maybe our first place. I moved into my own apartment after college graduation. It was both thrilling and terrifying, but I look back fondly on those independent, single-woman days. I wish I had a magic 8 ball to tell me what I'd need for the future. Heck, back then, you couldn't even "Google it"! One of the first things most of us do these days when it comes to just about anything is "google it". We randomly type out our thoughts in that narrow white rectangle hoping that the magic answer will appear right at the top. . .

Did you know that Google announced not long ago that we can now download our entire search history. . .ALL of it??! What would your search history look like? What are your most burning questions? I'm willing to bet some of those things (maybe most) involved money or planning of some sort. Are you still searching for answers? I know I am! There is always something I need to know in my role as a wife and mother, like how to do algebra and how to get crayon off the sofa.

Remember that moment when you decided now was time to start a family (maybe you're there RIGHT now!)?  SO MANY thoughts flooding into your head - right?

There are lots of things to think about regardless if it’s your first or 10th child. Things like:  How much does daycare cost? How much is a nanny? Will my insurance cover all of my childbirth? What about maternity leave?  Is adoption expensive? What's the cost of being a SAHM? How many diapers will my baby go through? What about college?

It's no secret that growing your family will have a lasting impact on your bottom line. I can remember being pregnant with my first child, and reading about how much it would cost to raise a child at that point. It was staggering! I was sure we'd never have enough money, and with college in our five-year plan now, I'm still not sure some days.

Everyone deserves the financial confidence and control to live a life well-spent. We all should be planning for the sunny days to come. What is your sunny day? You can begin planning yours at yoursunnyday.com

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