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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a new discovery. . .

yesterday i had the pleasure of taking Owen and hanging out with some of my Philly SM Moms at ClassyMommy's house to check out a wonderful digital storybook.

Are you familiar with MobiStories?  I wasn't either - but I sure am now.

Here is what the founders of MobiStories have to say about Digital Story Books:

  • "The founders of Still Motion Media left their jobs to fill two needs.  The first was to spend more time with their young families.  The second was to develop a product that could supplement the story time experience that their children only received at bedtime.  While nothing should replace a parent hugging a child and reading a book together, MobiStories are there whenever that can’t happen."
It was a little busy at the event, and Owen could spare only had a few minutes to play with the Digital Puzzle Book- but he LOVED the touch-screen action of putting a puzzle together.  Last night before bed, I broke out The Marvelous Toy story on my iPhone and he and I sat together and went through it twice - he really seemed to like the music, and being able to make the images on the page "do things".

I am impressed with how gorgeous the images are - I love the music and the whole idea of the product. . .but I was struck with the beauty of the colors and the images over and over again.  I shared it with a friend over coffee this morning, and she agreed.

My plan is to download a Puzzle Book or 2 and one of the independent reader stories for John's iPad - to amuse the kids.

If you have checked out MobiStories, or this post sparks your curiosity - stop back and let me know about it - I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks to Colleen and to MobiStories for such a great time!

catch you soon -

note:  I was provided with a code to download one digital story book for free.  The company did not ask for a review in return and as always the opinions expressed on my blog are my very own.

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  1. It was fabulous to see you in my own home vs just on Twitter. Owen is adorable. Thanks again for coming.